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When it comes to adult sex toys, size, texture, and material all have an impact on your experience. It’s important to consider these factors as you’re shopping so you can find the right toy for your pleasure here.

Size, Texture, and Material Considerations

When it comes to size, you should think about how comfortable it is for you to insert the toy on You don’t want something that is too small or too large—start with something that is comfortable and then either increase or decrease the size depending on your preferences.

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Texture is an important factor when choosing a toy. Different sensations can be created based on the texture—ranging from smooth and slick to textured and ribbed. You should also think about how much stimulation you want—smoother textures may provide a gentler sensation while textured toys provide more intense sensations.

Materials also play a role when it comes to sex toys. Choose materials that are body-safe and non-porous like silicone, ABS plastic, glass, metal or ceramic. These materials are more durable and less prone to bacteria buildup than other materials like jelly, rubber or latex which can contain harmful chemicals. In addition, some materials have special features that allow them to be heated or cooled for different sensations, making them even more enjoyable!

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