Heaven’s Devil Weed Strain

Heaven’s Devil has it all, and then some. Users experience bursts of relaxation and productivity, as well as mental clarity and reduced stress levels, when using Tahoe products. It features a woody citrus flavor on exhale with earthy and diesel undertones. Anyone who enjoys tangy things will love it. Try our Purple Tic Tac Strain.

Today, we’re going to share one of the greatest classic OG strains on the market with you: Heaven’s Devil! It’s not very often that we have a bud with some next-level medical properties and an outstanding flavor profile all in one breath. We’re making it happen now by telling you everything there is to know about one of the finest traditional OG strains available, Heaven’s Devil!

Heaven’s Devil is a hybrid cannabis strain that has a delectable flavor and a powerful effect, having been developed in California in the late 1980s. Heaven’s Devil is still well-known today, and it’s no surprise why: it’s simply one of the best marijuana strains available. If you’re looking for a new flower to try out, Heaven’s Devil will not disappoint. Let’s take a closer look at all that this well-known bud has to offer.

What Is Heaven’s Devil?

Heaven’s Devil Kush is a succulent strain brought to you by Ganja Guru in California, and it should not be confused with Heaven’s Devil Kush, which is a form of the original OG strain. This bud boasts several OG characteristics that have endeared it to so many people, including an excellent flavor profile and lots of activity. Some forms of this cannabis may lean more towards indica or sativa origins, so keep that in mind while looking for it.

Heaven’s Devil has made a name for itself in the years since, coming third place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011 and being repeatedly recognized for its powerful medical properties.

The first thing we must get out of the way is that Heaven’s Devil is a potent strain, and for those who are new to marijuana, it might be too powerful. With a THC level of around 22%, this bud has a reputation for its fast-acting and pungent effects, so you’ve been forewarned!

When it comes to the high of Heaven’s Devil, fans of the original OG stone will know exactly what to expect here and will be able to benefit from that familiar uplifting yet sedative buzz they’ve come to know and love. For those who are about to try Heaven’s Devil for the first time, we recommend a very small amount; it is all you will need, trust us!

Heaven’s Devil may not be the easiest strain to find, but it is well worth the effort for its potent and relaxing effects that will see you ease off into a dreamy sleep with minimal effort.

Heaven’s Devil Flavor, Appearance, Aroma

The flavor and fragrance of Heaven’s Devil will be familiar to previous OG users. There are several parallels between citrus and piney aromas, which will provide a warm and comforting sensation to any experienced user.

Heaven’s Devil has a beautiful tall and lanky structure, with some uniquely big calyxes that are easy to identify thanks to their bright green color and a thick covering of crystals. We adore the appearance of this plant, and anyone who grows it for themselves will appreciate the huge buds that are above average in size and have a wonderfully pungent fragrance.

Amongst the slender leaves and frosty trichomes, there should be a sprinkling of burnt orange pistils that bring a pop of color to this otherwise pretty plain bud. However, what it lacks in color it more than makes up for in flavor and aroma, which takes on a complex range of fresh citrus notes combined with earth and spice.

Users have noticed a lemony fragrance with a touch of pine underneath and almost like gas, but once the buds are crushed, there is a quick sense of spice that makes for an excellent combination. The tastes match the scent when you first take a whiff, offering citrus flavor with earthy undertones, however on exhaling you should be left with an aftertaste that resembles chemical and petrol so it’s undoubtedly a taste sensation for people who prefer to avoid overly sweet cannabis.

Heaven’s Devil Grow Info

Heaven’s Devil is said to be difficult to grow, so budding growers who are new to the game should stay away for now. It can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and produces a good yield when done correctly!

In fact, the average flowering time for Heaven’s Devil is between nine and ten weeks, but it’s definitely worth the wait when you get a hit of that powerful high!

For individuals looking for a low-key plant or who have limited room, Heaven’s Devil may not be the best option because it grows to be rather tall and takes up a lot of space with its rather broad width.

Heaven’s Devil Medicinal Benefits

Although it is a hybrid, the high has an excessively powerful indica vibe to it, making this strain ideal for evening or night use. Heaven’s Devil might be the ideal choice for those looking for a peaceful physical relaxation and a sense of mental clarity that can help them relax and unwind.

Patients suffering from headaches, migraines and chronic pain have used Heaven’s Devil for its full body numbing high that can banish pain in minutes and leave you feeling super lazy and chilled. Be aware that you do only need a tiny amount to benefit from the positive effects, a little too much could see the couch-lock setting in!

Many users have credited Heaven’s Devil for providing a much-needed boost of motivation and creativity when taken in small amounts, and so it can be a great way to help you clear the mental cobwebs and tackle that to do list as long as it isn’t too physical!

For those who are having trouble with hunger loss or sleeplessness, Heaven’s Devil is a must-have. It has been observed to cause hunger pangs to strike quickly and last up to three hours, so prepare your cupboards in advance!

We’d sum up Heaven’s Devil’s effects as follows: This is a really strong bud, to the point that even an average amount can cause you to smile uncontrollably and be unable to get off the sofa! If you’re looking for a strain that relieves pain and anxiety while also inspiring creativity and giggles, this is one you should try!

Heaven’s Devil Possible Side Effects

The couch-lock is likely the most significant drawback of Heaven’s Devil, which is difficult to avoid due to the flower’s pungent smell. Users who just want to lie on the sofa for a long time may not mind this, but those seeking for more mental stimulation from the bud will need to be careful how much they consume.

Users have described feeling dizziness, which is usually related to taking too much of the product. More users report dry eyes and mouth than those who experience no side effects at all.

In general, however, Heaven’s Devil appears to have no negative side effects and has not been linked to paranoia, making it a good choice for people who suffer from anxiety.

Final Thoughts

We think we’re pretty one-sided in this matter, since we enjoy the complex scents and powerful high that come with it, but we also recognize that for some people, it may be a little much! We’d like to know whether you’ve been persuaded to try this bud.

Please leave a remark if you’ve ever smoked Heaven’s Devil, or whether you’d like to try it the next time you go to your favorite dispensary!

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