How to choose Dog Toys

How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog | Small Door Veterinary

When it comes to choosing dog toys, it’s important to consider the size, material, safety, and type of toy for your pup.


The size of the toy matters – toys that are too small can present choking hazards for small breeds, and toys that are too large can be difficult for smaller breeds to pick up and carry. The ideal size will depend on the size of your pup – if in doubt, go with something in the middle.


How To Choose Safe Toys for Your Dog | Orvis

Different materials will give different levels of durability. Depending on your pet’s chewing habits, you may want a tougher material like rubber or nylon. Natural materials like cotton or hemp can be great for mild chewers as they last longer than soft plush toys.


Toys come in a variety different types – from balls and interactive puzzles to bones and sticks – depending on what type of play your dog enjoys most. If you have multiple dogs, consider getting toys designed for multiple pet play.


Make sure all edges of the toy are smooth and there are no loose pieces that can break off easily. Also check for age appropriate play – some toys may not be suitable for puppies as they contain small bits that pose a choking hazard. Before you buy any new toy, read up on it first to make sure it is safe for your pup!

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