Lemonade Packwoods Medellin Strain

The Lemonade Packwood Medellin strain is a fantastic mix of two landrace strains. It has moderately balanced effects, despite being predominantly sativa dominant. It’s also a strain to watch out for since it delivers an enormous cerebral punch. Try our Purple Tic Tac Strain.

Breeding operations like to return to their roots once in a while and use traditional strains to create hybrids. This is how the fantastic Lemonade Packwoods Medellin strain developed. It’s made up of two landraces, and it’s powerful enough to make sure you have a good time while using it!

What Is the Lemonade Packwoods Medellin Strain?

The Lemonade Packwoods Medellin strain is a cross of an Indica Afghani and a Sativa Haze. It’s a hybrid with a lot of resin content, which stands for Sativa/Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. So much resinous stuff there was that hash produced from it won an award at the Cannabis Cup 20 years ago! Despite not winning overall, Lemonade Packwoods Medellin took home first place in the Cannabis Cup twice for best tasting variety, despite not taking first.

The name comes from the fact that it has a nice balance between sativa’s energy and indica’s relaxation. The strong mental high hits almost immediately when you use Lemonade Packwoods Medellin, so be prepared for a rapid effect. Users frequently remark on how focused they are while their minds are clear. They might also feel happier as a result of this medication.

Although Lemonade Packwoods Medellin has a body high, it doesn’t cause drowsiness. As a result, you may take it in the afternoon to give yourself an energy boost. However, using too much Lemonade Packwoods Medellin might result in drowsiness. Experiment with this strain to find out what the best quantity is for you. If you get it right, you could end up socializing with friends and being the life and soul of a party. If you make a mistake while using this product


You might expect this strain to have a herbal scent since you didn’t know what Lemonade Packwoods Medellin meant. It doesn’t disappoint in that it combines a Lemonade Packwoods Medellin scent with a hint of earthiness.


When it comes to the aroma, you’ll have a decent expectation of what to anticipate when smoking it. Lemonade Packwoods Medellin, once again, does not provide any surprises, despite the herbal flavor that is balanced with pine, citrus, and sparks of warmth and sweetness. It burns nicely and is an enjoyable smoke.


The big sticky blooms of well-cured Lemonade Packwoods Medellin will be somewhat earthy brown or green and have a few orange pistils. While there are a few orange pistils, they aren’t plentiful enough to make a significant difference.

Lemonade Packwoods Medellin Strain Grow Info

Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is a tough plant that can grow indoors or outside and comes from a pair of landrace strains. It handles temperature changes very well. For the most part, Lemonade Packwoods Medellin grows at a slow rate throughout its development cycle. However, it speeds up in the final few weeks offlowering.

Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is not the greatest option for novices who want to produce marijuana plants indoors. It’s important to prune it at the proper moment. Because Lemonade Packwoods Medellin can reach a height of five feet, you’ll need plenty of room in your indoor grow tent.

Lemonade Packwoods Medellin requires little upkeep if grown outside. It is resistant to most pests and diseases, and it is unaffected by temperature changes. A visit once every two or three weeks to give water and nutrients, as well as inspect for problems, is usually enough. It can be picked beginning in November outside and produces up to 14 ounces of fruit per plant.

It has a lengthy bloom period of up to 10 weeks when grown indoors. It may produce up to 12 ounces per square meter in yield.

  • You might find that Lemonade Packwoods Medellin has a varied strength. THC content can vary from 18% to 28%. In general, the average is about 23%.
  • Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is a CBD-rich strain with minimal THC.

Medical Benefits of the Lemonade Packwoods Medellin Strain

Sedation is a risk that marijuana strains can cause when used. You won’t have the problem as long as you use Lemonade Packwoods Medellin properly. Although it has a high THC content, if you’re an experienced user, it’s fine.

Lemonade Packwood’s Medellin is a cannabis strain with cerebral highs that are beneficial to individuals who suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression. This is due to Lemonade Packwoods Medellin’s propensity to help people feel better about themselves. Instead of feeling down or nervous, they may live their lives without worrying. It’s also powerful enough to deserve consideration if you have persistent pain. Some users use Lemonade Packwoods Medellin to combat nausea and stimulate their appetite.

Possible Side Effects of the Lemonade Packwoods Medellin Strain

The most prevalent negative effects associated with Lemonade Packwoods Medellin are comparable to those seen in other cannabis plants. Marijuana users are susceptible to dry eyes and a dry mouth. Lemonade Packwoods Medellin, on the other hand, is a strong strain, which might make it too powerful for novices or individuals with a low THC tolerance. When used in excess, it may cause drowsiness, headaches, or dizziness. It’s conceivable that using it excessively could result in an altered state of consciousness.

Final Thoughts

The Lemonade Packwoods Medellin strain is made up of a landrace sativa and indica, which makes it an excellent mix. It doesn’t induce sedation or couch lock while maintaining a balanced impact. The mental high it provides is frequently uplifting. As a result, Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is highly regarded among those suffering from stress, sadness, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is a hardy plant with a stable background that can thrive in most circumstances due to its heritage. If growing indoors, you may need to top it because it might grow thick during the flowering stage.

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