100 OG Marijuana strain

The physical, mental, and mood-lifting qualities of the combination of OG Kush and Haze are well-known. When mixed, both indica and sativa characteristics may be stimulating and invigorating. Both aspects are most likely descended from OG Kush’s mother plant. It can also make you space out while being body-numbing in its own right. You can buy 100 OG Cannabis Strain with our cannabis affiliate programs canada.

The Original Gravity of an 100 OG stands for “original gravity,” and this is a long-known variety of marijuana. The OG Kush was derived from the legendary super-strain 100 OG. This hybrid has an equal indica-sativa split, although it can lean towards the indica side on occasion. Despite being well balanced, this hybrid is still a powerful one, and it should be respected and utilized with caution.

The $100 OG is a strong marijuana hybrid that has THC levels ranging from 24 to 36 percent. If you’re not used to the stronger types, the $100 OG might be a challenge since both its mental and physical effects might be powerful, and when combined, it may result in an unpleasant experience if you aren’t ready for it.


Because the Original Bubba Kush hybrid is so powerful, it does not take a ton of time to impact you. $100 OG will make you feel giddy and enthusiastic for a few hours, keeping you in a good frame of mind. It’s one of the most potent strains on the market today, with THC levels reaching 24% on rare occasions.

The original $100 OG seeds have been discontinued. If you’re looking for other Hybrid seeds, check out our marijuana seed bank.

The 100 OG is an excellent choice for when you just need a little lift of happiness. The sativa side of this well-balanced hybrid will help you have more energy throughout the day, while the indica side will make you feel relaxed and calm.

The winner is most effective in the afternoon or early evening for a smoke or a chill-out period. However, it’s worth noting that increasing the amount of leaf increases the Indica essence. Physical relaxation will be achieved, followed by a journey to sleepland where you can completely relax your body. Keep things low and steady with $100 OG for an experience that allows for light movements.

The $100 OG is a cheerful strain with a well-balanced profile that could make you feel as if you’re approaching the “light at the end of the tunnel,” immediately lifting you and then ensuring that you depart your experience feeling calm and content. It’s for this reason that $100 OG is frequently advised to people who struggle to de-stress and stay happy throughout their days.

It’s often been said that cannabis use causes cottonmouth and dry eyes. These are not uncommon when utilizing any cannabis strain. The easiest way to avoid or cure this condition is to drink a lot of water and take little doses of marijuana.


The 100 OG strain has a strong, pungent odor that lingers for days. Its smell lingers in the air for many hours and is nearly impossible to conceal since it smells like it’s been drenched in diesel. With this plant’s aroma, there’s a touch of sweet pine in the air, making it taste wonderful and enticing.

The odor of this strain is quite powerful, which distinguishes it from other well-known strains. When you initially smell it, the flavor has a subtle nutty undertone to it. The taste of $100 OG is sweet, with earthy undertones and blueberry nuances. With some tanginess on the exhale, this cannabis strain may have a somewhat skunky scent.

$100 OG Adverse Reaction

The cost for an ounce of 100 OG flowers is typically high, but if you buy a low-THC variety from a reputable breeder, the buds will only set you back $100 OG. The amount of THC in this plant is extremely powerful, which may be overwhelming and frightening to some people, especially those who are not familiar with its strength. There might be negative consequences that can be reduced with a small measure of caution due to the high weed concentration in this strain.

The combination of THC and CBD in this hybrid can make you feel cotton-mouthed and cause dry, itchy eyes, as well as a minor dizziness in some people. $100 OG can make you feel slightly paranoid; for others, this may develop into a mild but persistent headache after ingestion.

Medical Uses

The OG strain is known for its several medical advantages, and it’s helpful for a long list of ailments. This mix has shown to be very effective in managing pain, allowing patients to reclaim a greater quality of life while also assisting them in resolving their everyday pains, especially those that suffer from severe chronic pain.

The indica strain has also been found to help people relax and eventually improve their sleep, as it can help them unwind and fall asleep more easily. Cancer patients undergoing invasive chemical therapies might restore their appetite with the assistance of this kind.

Cannabis has been used as medicine throughout history for a variety of ailments, and the clinical evidence is strong in many cases. However, there is no scientific proof that it works as well as other medications to treat chronic inflammations. This makes it an extremely useful ally in the battle against persistent diseases such as muscular spasms, backaches, joint pains, headaches, and others.

The blissful high provided by this strain’s THC content helps to relieve mental anguish for those suffering from anxiety, sadness, or stress. Its euphoric high relieves one of mental concerns. With just a few puffs, the pleasant sensation quickly eliminates negative sentiments and notions. Without feeling weighed down by a heavy mental burden, you may enjoy the hours away from work without seeming to be working very much.

The anti-anxiety and concentration boosting effects of this plant are especially beneficial to persons with ADHD. Insomniacs obtain a good night’s sleep as a result of the sedative action of the herb. The herb’s capacity to assist people dealing with abnormal or disrupted eating habits is also significant. Nausea and vomiting cease when individuals consume it, while food becomes more appealing under its influence.

The $100 OG can also be used to help with chronic pain. It aids in the relief of diseases such as migraines, PMS, and backaches by relaxing the muscles. It is not advised for individuals who are in severe physical distress. Its antispastic and analgesic properties are both mild, which means they’re ideal for little illnesses.

Growing $100 OG

The $100 OG is often grown indoors due to its preference for indoor environments. It features popcorn balls and only a few stems, making it ideal for growers. It may be simple to grow, but it does require some skill in order to achieve its highest yield potentials.

There’s a flower with popcorn-like buds so densely covered with flowers that it looks like a garland. Its gleaming potency taunts passersby since it is deeply studded with trichomes. Because of the fluffy top growth, its lower limb is nearly leaf-free, ensuring easy air flow. Despite its lack of height,

In a good environment, the plant may generate 350 grams per square meter. Plant it correctly for nine weeks while it’s blossoming to get the most out of it. In a Mediterranean-style climate, plants can develop rapidly outside as well. If one’s environment isn’t ideal, such as in the north, precise timing is required. When and where should you grow and harvest your marijuana plants?

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