How to Bet on Sports

How to Bet on Sports

When it comes to sports betting, there’s so much more than just picking the winner of a game. You can find bets on everything from how many points will be scored to which team will score first or even how long the national anthem will be sung. So how do you know what bets to make with

There are a few main types of sports bets you need to understand before diving in:

Point Spreads

Point spreads are bets on the difference between two teams’ scores; they’re also known as “the spread.” It’s based on an assessment of how different teams are likely to perform, so bettors can make educated guesses against each other.

Moneyline Bets

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Moneyline bets involve picking winners outright, with no reference to the point spread. Typically, there’s more risk in moneyline bets than point spreads because you need to select the correct team—it’s all or nothing. That said, moneyline bets often present higher returns on winning wagers.

Totals Bets

Totals bets involve predicting whether the total points scored by both teams combined will be above or below a set figure. You don’t necessarily have to pick a winner or loser; you’re just hoping that one of your two options for total points will win out. These types of bets usually have lower returns but with less risk than other types of sports betting.

So, now that you know your options and which type of bet is best suited for any given matchup, you’re better equipped when it comes time to place your wager and make your move!

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