MTF Cannabis Strain

The name of this Alaskan hybrid, which was bred from plants cultivated in Matanuska Valley’s grasslands, honors the origin of the strain. Despite their rocky beginnings, the petals on these flowers develop a frosting of icy white hairs that recall memories of its snowy home. These plants are ideal for indoors growing but can also thrive in harsh outdoor conditions if cultivated by an experienced grower. The plants reach a modest height with large leaves. This strain has a hot chocolate scent and taste, which might overpower the flavor. Matanuska’s effects tend to creep up gradually before delivering a powerful body buzz. Outside of the United States, it’s known as Matanuska Tundra because it isn’t as bright as its popular name implies.

About MTF Cannabis Strain

It’s an indica-dominant variety that’s known for being extremely powerful, even for expert marijuana consumers. It has a musky smell and earthy undertones and is from Alaska. Its flavor, on the other hand, will have you come back for more. The smoke leaves a rich chocolate aftertaste in your mouth for hours during inhalation.

Newer users may be pretty intimidated by this strain’s name, but in fact, Matanuska Thunder Fuck is a fairly gentle bud. Legend has it that this variety is grown in the grasslands of Alaska’s Matanuska Valley and without breeders or specific genetics to point to, this bud brings an air of mystery to everyone who dares enjoy her.

The strain’s name, M.T.F., is derived from its country of origin: the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It regularly contains 13 to 16 percent THC and occasionally breaches the 20 percent mark. Nugs are a bright green color with white trichomes that give them a snow appearance. Many people enjoy Matanuska Thunder Fckmix, which combines chocolate and fruit flavors in equal measure.

The word “thunder” is connected to images of lightning, so if you believe this strain will strike you like a lightning bolt, prepare to be disappointed. Matanuska Thunder Fck is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a slow onset before offering a light sense of calm and focus thanks to both THC and CBD. Euphoria is a strain that will take you to new heights, and while you may be able to finish off the final few hours of your jobday while feeling this happy, she’s intended for unwinding. Many people remark on the fact that as bodily tingles start to manifest, a powerful sexual arousal kicks in; so consider sharing it with special friends.

Mattaska Thunder Fck is a cross between the famed Matanuska Valley and an indica-dominant strain. It has a milder flavor and aroma than other strains in its family, but it’s still potent enough to treat a variety of ailments. Rather than just treating physical or mental issues, this bud can help with nearly every problem, including stress and sadness, bodily discomfort and inflammation, as well as more. If you have a low tolerance level, it could aid in your battle against tiredness. There are several dealers for this lady; so knowing yourself is crucial.

A little expertise will come in handy when it comes to growing this strain, and while she isn’t overly difficult, pruning as well as supporting hefty branches will be necessary during her development. Overall, these plants tend to be quite tiny; if cultivated in a Mediterranean environment, they’ll reach maturity in 8 to 9 weeks.

Known as Matanuska Tundra outside of the United States, this strain is one that you have to try at least once. Her effects are manageable even for newer users and her flavors are exceptionally tasty. Whether you’re interested in addressing health issues or simply want to enjoy some time with a special loved one, Matanuska Thunder Fuck is a great choice.


This strain’s mild high, which takes some time to reveal itself, has earned it a lot of acclaim. It produces a gentle wave of euphoria as well as a sense of peace and serenity. It also increases attention and creativity while not causing drowsiness. Some individuals claim that this marijuana can provide an arousal impact as well.

As it appears, this kush might take the place of a traditional drugstore. MTF is also helpful in a variety of situations, including relieving tension, worry, sadness, tiredness, and sleeplessness. It’s possible to relieve stress and anxiety while using this strain. At the same time, body pains and inflammations are also possible. It’s essential to note that if you take an excessively large quantity of this stuff, you will become extremely drowsy.


MTF seeds may be purchased online. This plant may be cultivated both indoors and out. On average, the blooming period is 55-65 days long, resulting in a 400 gram per meter squared yield. Because it takes some know-how to produce it, this crop is not recommended for beginners.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 21%

M.T.F. is also popularly known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck. It is an indica dominant strain, which is recognized for being extremely potent for even the experienced marijuana user. Coming from Alaska, it smells quite musky with earthy undertones. But its taste is something that will keep you coming back for more, during the inhale the strain will leave a chocolaty aftertaste in your mouth for hours. The nugget is encrusted with snow-white hairs that should remind you of its snowy homeland. The effects will gradually and gradually begin to take effect following smoking the strain, but they will soon reach a peak when you get a powerful bodily buzz. If you’re a first-time medical marijuana user, the foul name provides sufficient motivation to avoid it. The shiso leaves are a traditional herb that can be used to relieve tension, nausea, anxiety, and even an upset stomach. But it’s not just for headaches; shiso leaves can also assist people suffering from anorexia in terms of weight loss.

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