Multi-Family Residence Landscaping

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Did you know that multi-family residences landscaping can benefit? Not only does landscaping bring a bit of nature to the area, but it can also have a positive impact on the property’s value.

Take time to think about how landscaping can be incorporated into multi-family residence. Start by assessing the layout of the property. What areas could best be used for flowers, trees, or shrubs? Where would pathways or fencing look best? Once you have an idea of how things should look, it’s time to get started with!

Multi-Family Residence Landscaping

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When selecting plants, consider what will thrive in your climate and which perennials will come back year after year without much maintenance. Plant trees near each building to add shade and reduce summer cooling costs while also providing a beautiful backdrop. Decorative bushes and flowers also give some esthetic interest and add natural beauty to your multi-family residence.

Adding pathways and laying down mulch or stone help keep foot traffic off of grassy areas and prevent damage from wear and tear. Consider adding fences for garden areas, ponds, or patios that help create more usable space for tenants, while also deterring unwanted visitors from entering private property.

By choosing the right plants, materials and landscaping designs for your multi-family residence, you can create an outdoor area that everyone will love!

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