Purple Yeti OG Weed Strain

The Headband BX is a strain that was originally called the Headband BX and comes from NorCal by Loompa Farms. This plant strain has become highly sought-after owing to its wonderful flavor and bountiful yields. This strain aids in the reduction of stress and pain relief. The Yeti OG is a high-CBD variety that thrives in Colorado’s mountains. With THC levels ranging from 20 to 22 percent, it’s one of the most powerful strains on the market.

About Yeti OG

The yeti OG strain is a legendary cannabis that has become a must-have for many consumers. NorCal Collective (Loompas Farms) created this indica-dominant plant with the aim of achieving high THC and CBD levels without making the user lethargic.

Cannabis indica is a distant relative of Cannabis indica, and it’s the most powerful strain on our list with a 20% THC concentration on average. It has a 3% or higher CBD content, making it one of only a few strains that combine both a strong yet soothing effect while being relatively cerebral. The earthy scent of buds is barely overshadowed by their creamy, rich taste. The green color and orange hairs, as well as the sparkling crystal covering, look great together.

The euphoria produced by Yeti OG is unlike any other, and it’s only for experienced users. This plant is mostly found in Northern California, but it is gaining appeal across the country. It has a distinct beginning, with a pressure applied to your crown (hence its previous name, Headband) that lasts for a long time and gives you the impression that you haven’t smoked enough. On this one, don’t rely on your intuition; it has a lengthy start period but eventually kicks in. When the pressure drops, you’ll feel a burst of euphoria and arousal without raising your heart rate or producing racing thoughts. The indica effects create a profound and permanent bodily high. It will leave you with a pleasant, yet weighted sensation.

Many people prefer this strain for its sedative qualities, making it ideal for chronic pain and headaches as well as providing users with the breath of fresh air they desire. This bud should be used an hour before going to bed to treat insomnia. Try a slightly lower dose of this cannabis if you have mood issues such as sadness or stress. Novice consumers should beware, because this strain is meant for intermediate to advanced smokers since it can run away from you. Although the effects aren’t as strong as the name implies, they are still quite powerful.

If you’ve ever wished to attempt growing your own bud but didn’t know where to begin, Yeti OG is a good place to start. This is mostly a simple-to-grow strain, although some claim that intermediates have a higher yield. This is an indoor/outdoor strain that performs well in mild to warm climates and has an indoor flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks or an early October harvest outdoors.

The Elusive Yeti OG is a simple smoke that will leave you feeling wonderful, and it’s probably going to make you want more. The creamy tastes and soothing affects make this one a must-try if you’re in the area of its birthplace. If you want to test out a newly dubbed connoisseur strain before it becomes rare and vanishes back into the northern California forest, give this one a shot.

Basic Info

The Yeti OG (aka Headband BX) from Loompa Farms is an indica strain that may be cultivated both indoors (where the plants will require a flowering period of around 60 days) and outdoors. The THC-rich variety produced by Loompa Farms is called Yeti OG, and it was never available as feminized seeds.

This breed’s origin is traced back to the well-known Loompa Headband, also known as the Underdawg, which was bred in California dispensaries by Loompa Farms. She was crossed with a climatized breed that had been worked in the Northern California mountains and has since become more popular than ever before. The goal of original breeding was to maintain as many of its OG features while, at the same time, developing a plant that may be grown in a more northern climate and completed ahead of schedule before the rains and freezes arrive. The Stumphouse strain, also known as Stumphouse Blackberry, is a cross between an OG Kush and another variety. It has been selectively bred over six generations to the point where it is now suitable for connoisseurs all around the world. Her smell and flavor will be strong, with additional growth factors and vigor added. Certain phenotypes have seen yield increases as a result of this process. This line was never IBL’d on purpose, so there is no need to worry about that! The greatest variation you’ll notice is in terms of harvest and blossom production. We’ve left it up to you, the connoisseur, to select your favorite plants.

The OG plant grows differently indoors than it does outside. Outside, OG typically develops into short squat bushes with numerous tops, whereas inside she matures more sativa in her growth structure and lengthens. Expect the Yeti to act more like a sativa outside, growing tall with long and big colas packed with resin and finishing by October 1st, generally speaking. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that she has exceptional mold and pest resistance outdoors; she will almost certainly be the last plants in your garden to show mold. This is necessary for outdoor gardeners. Even though it’s raining, she will act like this. If your root zone is large enough, these plants can reach heights of up to three feet tall. A lot depends on your gardening style and approach. Multi-pound crops are not uncommon under adequate sunshine and ample root space. We’ve seen 5-10 pound plants thrive in ideal conditions on our farms. It goes without saying that these yields aren’t attainable in 50 or 100 gallon pots. Even with such tiny pots, multi-pound plants will thrive if given enough direct light. If you’re aiming to get the most out of your harvest, be ready for towering ladders and sturdy support systems.

Indoor results have been excellent as well. This breeding has kept what the parentage is known for. There is a lot of resin production and flower development. Tests from a variety of reputable laboratories consistently turn up THC levels over 20%. The terpenes are abundant, and the flowers are extremely fragrant. In this line, the high quality and potency have transitioned well. The structure has evolved to be greater than that of the mother, with increased branches in many cases. Expect to discover plants that are Loompa’s Headband-specific and cultivated correctly, which you will be very happy with. We are certain that you will find keepers in a pack or two, depending on your germ ratios and male to female ratios. The flowering period for this breed is generally around 9-10 weeks, but she can occasionally be pulled earlier without affecting the maximum potential of the strain. For optimum taste, 10 weeks is the ideal age for this strain. nWhile there are some exceptions to the rule.

Because of the difficulty and finickiness of OG varieties, many home gardeners want to avoid them. Many serious growers would agree that it’s not easy or cheap to grow OKAVG varieties as experienced farmers know. This is true for the original mother. While this variety is simpler and more forgiving to cultivate, it still needs a kind hand and understanding of OG type cultivars in order to reach her full genetic potential. It’s not the “let it grow till finished” variety. It requires time and attention in order to maximize what she can accomplish.

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