Saguenay cannabis

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Saguenay cannabis is a plant that is generally dried and crushed to create a crude resin which can range in color from yellow to black. The plant is the single greatest source of psychoactive drugs in the world and contains many chemical compounds, including cannabinoids.

Cannabis was used centuries ago as an herb by ancient people living in Asia. Cannabis was also used for its medicinal properties, as seen in ancient Sanskrit texts.

There are a great many different strains of Saguenay cannabis

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There are a great many different strains of Saguenay cannabis. The right one for you depends on what you are looking for in the high – euphoria, pain relief, creativity, sedation.

You can choose the type of cannabis by reading our blog and also by asking your doctor or cannabis provider.

Saguenay cannabis is a plant that grows in the earth. There are 2 main type of cannabis.

One is the Sativa, this type is typically grown outside, it is tall and skinny with long thin leaves.

The other one is the Indica, this type of cannabis plants are typically grown indoors and they are short and fat with broad leaves

There are other types of cannabis too but these 2 main types are most popular.

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