Sativa and Indica

It’s a typical problem, although it isn’t unique to you. You have a million things to do, but you’re having trouble getting started. You sit there thinking about all of the things you need to accomplish, but there are too many distractions. It appears simpler to put them off for another day than it does to get started on them right

Need pills when you’ve got cannabis? These five strains just might get you energized, focused, and driven to complete your to-do list in no time!

Sativa vs. Indica

Let’s look at the various methods in which Sativa and Indica can aid in concentration. Because of its high THC content, Sativa is more uplifting; whereas, because of its high CBD content, Indica is more relaxing.

For a more detailed explanation of these two beginning plant kinds and the more frequent crosses available in stores today, check out this differences analysis article we just published!


Dispensaries frequently suggest Sativa as a wake-and-bake cannabis species. Its energizing quality helps you get ready for the day by stimulate

Sativa may help you concentrate if you have a sluggishness-induced sense of malaise. Sativa has the following effects:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved mood
  • Increased anxiety


The cannabis strain Indica has gained popularity as the strain that helps you unwind at the end of a long day. If you can’t concentrate due to a racing mind, its capacity to relax your thoughts, nerves, and muscles might help you come back down to Earth.

Those who feel a little scatterbrained while multitasking can narrow their focus with just a pinch of Indica. Reported effects include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Lessened motivation

Sativa vs Indica: Is There a Difference?

There are a lot of misconceptions about cannabis. One popular misconception is that you can purchase an ounce of pure sativa or indica from your local marijuana shop.

In reality, there are actually few full-spectrum plants left and the ones that do exist don’t produce the huge trichome-rich buds you desire.

So, in conclusion, everything you’ll discover at your neighborhood dispensary is a hybrid.

BUT, there are still ratios within hybrids and that is where the magic of sativa vs indica comes into play because you can definitely get indica dominant strains and sativa dominant strains that impart the desired effects they are famed for.

So, no need to fret, you can still ask your budtender for a focus-friendly sativa-dominant hybrid and they’ll immediately know what you’re talking about.

Likewise, if you want something to unwind you on the couch after a long hard day at work then asking for an indica-dominant hybrid will get you set up with the right flower for your needs.

Role of Terpenes

You still need to know yourself regarding your personal dosing requirements and previous reactions to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

But, you should also consider the primary terpenes, or aromatic compounds, found in each strain. Before we dive into the strains, take a look at the various terpenes you will encounter as you read further:

  • Myrcene – Found in all but one strain that we selected, myrcene gives off a grassy, balsamic aroma and may protect your brain and heart from oxidation.
  • Caryophyllene – Another common terpene, beta-caryophyllene, has a more pungent smell and may reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Pinene – This terpene adds a piney taste to cannabis, may improve your mood, and can have a bronchodilatory effect that allows more oxygen into your bloodstream.
  • Limonene – Limonene provides a citrusy twist to your cannabis’ flavor and, as you might expect, has antiviral and anticancer properties.
  • Terpinolene – Terpinolene smells fresh, almost floral. You can find terpinolene in the tea tree and other plants, and it may have antibacterial and antifungal effects.
  • Ocimene – Sweet and earthy, ocimene rarely serves as the main terpene. But, like terpinolene, it may also provide antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

If you are super into terpenes and always on the hunt for the next juicy terp bomb then we suggest you checkout our guide where we list some of the most fruity weed strains currently on the market.

Now, let’s go over the best cannabis strains for focusing, starting with the THC-dominant options, and moving towards the CBD-dominants. 

Balancing Role of CBD

CBD isn’t just for those who are afraid of THC or get drug tested. Having some CBD in a strain can help keep you grounded, particularly when consuming a very high THC sativa dominant strain.

In fact, if you find yourself geeking a bit with a big sativa hitter, try using a little bit of a CBD dominant strain, it will often help balance out some of the jitter or paranoia experienced with very intense THC-heavy sativa dominant strains.

You’ll notice there are a lot of CBD containing strains towards the bottom of this list for precisely the reason described above.


If you find yourself feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated, Cinex will wake you up and sharpen your focus. But, use caution when consuming this THC-dominant, Sativa-dominant strain. 

With around 25% THC, new smokers should use a minimal amount to avoid overstimulation and paranoia. Otherwise, the antioxidant power of its primary terpene, limonene, will combine with the high THC level to make you happy enough to perform even the most menial task.


When you have a list of things to do and are looking for a strain to help you focus, the Harlequin strain is a good place to start. It is heavily sativa-dominant (75:25), but its THC content is relatively low (the average THC level of a Harlequin plant is only around 7.5%).

While the Harlequin strain’s THC content is pretty low, it is offset by an extremely high CBD content.

While the Harlequin strain’s THC content is pretty low, it is offset by an extremely high CBD content. This strain has been bred to have a typical CBD: THC ratio of approximately 5:2. The cannabis laboratory Analytics 360 has recorded samples of the Harlequin strain, which contained a whopping 15% CBD.

Green Crack

This is one of the best cannabis strains for focusing. As its name might suggest, Green Crack will get you up and moving because, well, you’ve got things to do! 

On average, this Sativa-dominant strain delivers a smaller amount of THC than Cinex.

Still, with a very high THC level of around 21%, less is more. Should you overdo it, the primary terpene, myrcene, will make sure everything is okay thanks to its neuroprotective properties.

Sour Diesel

The impact this THC-dominant Sativa can make on minimizing pain, stress, and depression catapults it onto our list as a top candidate for the best cannabis strain for concentration. External distractions seem to melt away, leaving you with a clear head and better composure. 

Sour Diesel has maintained its popularity for decades. Again, dosing is key. If you take too much, you may start to overthink things. The pungent caryophyllene dominates, inspiring Sour Diesel’s name.

Most strains that have “sour” in them are going to be sativa dominant and could also make good focus-friendly options but always worth asking your budtender first.

Final Thoughts on Best Strains for Focus

As you can tell from the strains mentioned in this post, the general rule of thumb is that less is more. Most of these strains are quite powerful, so be cautious not to overlap. Remember that you’re taking them for a reason: to assist you focus and be more productive. The last thing you want to do is take too much and become anxious or paranoid.

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