What is Wax?

Cannabis users now have a wider range of products to select from than previously, owing to improvements in manufacturing and packaging methods. Because legal restrictions are being reduced in certain nations, technologies originally intended for processing other botanical ingredients such as coffee have been used in the cannabis industry.

Wax has recently taken the cannabis industry by storm, and it’s become increasingly popular. But, precisely, what is marijuana wax? And, more significantly, how does it come about? Marijuana wax is simply defined as a highly concentrated form of cannabis that is used for dabbing and vaporization.

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What is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana wax is a type of cannabis essential oil that has been combined with a thickener. Wax, unlike other cannabis extracts, has a flaky clay-like texture. It’s soft andamber in color, with an opacity that makes it easy to hold.

Wax, like other essential oils such as shatter, is one of the most powerful cannabis extractions and has a richer flavor than many other essential oil treatments, such as glass-like shatter. However, shatter is more potent in terms of total cannabinoid content.

Cannabis wax, which is often known as hashish, is extremely robust and has THC levels of 60 to 80 percent. When compared to the amount of THC in a single joint, these percentages are very high. Cannabis wax contains a greater ratio of THC than cannabis flower.

Cannabis wax is heated and then smoked through a dab rig, which is a water pipe with a metal wand-like end. A glob of cannabis wax is inserted into a metal wand-shaped device known as a “dab tool” or “dab wand.”

A dab nail is a tiny lump of wax that’s heated on a hot plate. This isn’t the same kind of nail you’d use to build a home, of course. Instead, dab nails are frequently made of heat-resistant titanium, quartz, or ceramic and used instead of a standard flower bowl while vaporizing concentrates.

What Is Marijuana Wax?

Wax, extracted from cannabis plant material using a solvent, looks similar to ear wax and has one of the highest THC concentrations of all extracts.

Marijuana wax is a type of concentrated cannabis product that contains up to 90% THC and generates a unique effect. Wax may also be beneficial if you have a severe medical problem for which prompt symptom relief is required. Cannabis wax, on the other hand, might be prohibitively expensive; some dispensaries charge as much as $50 per gram.

How Is Cannabis Wax Made?

It has a do-it-yourself feel about it because marijuana wax is produced via solvent extraction techniques. However, we don’t recommend attempting the procedure since there can be significant ramifications if you have no technical skill (some of which are mentioned in the ‘Dangers’ section below).

The first step if you want to grow marijuana wax is to fill your buds into a tube or pipe. Then, butane (or another solvent) is applied to the plant material. This liquid interacts with the psychoactive THC in the buds, removing it from the plant.

Finally, you allow the butane to evaporate until only an oily, potent liquid remains – your richly concentrated cannabis wax.

You may think of a concentrate as a concentricuious version of whole cannabis plants (even though they aren’t). It’s all in the name: rather than containing the full plant’s chemicals, it merely contains butane. You’re left with an extremely powerful, heavy-hitting concentrate. It has unrivaled strength compared to any joint or bowl you’ve ever smoked in your life. Depending on extraction conditions (temperature, humidity, etc), shatter, budder, and crumble are among the many different wax textures that can be created as a consequence of this process

There is also a lesser-known technique for making cannabis wax using isopropyl alcohol. Before draining the weed through a micron sieve with this “fast wash” technique, you soak it in alcohol for a brief period.

To do so, soak your cannabis buds in a solvent such as alcohol or acetone for about 24 hours. When the mixture has been soaked and strained many times, the THC is extracted into a sticky, ultra-concentrated form. You may either let the alcohol evaporate on its own, which takes roughly 24 hours, or you may heat the solution to accelerate evaporation.

How to Use Marijuana Wax

Cannabis wax may be used in a variety of ways, but if you intend on smoking or smoking with it, it must be prepared in certain manners. Cannabis wax is extremely adhesive, which makes it difficult to handle at times. Sprinkling a little cannabis wax on top of the bud, adding an extra boost, and using the wax in a vape or even a gravity bong are all popular methods to consume this concentrate. The following are three of the most common methods for utilizing cannabis wax:


The most popular technique to consume cannabis wax concentrate is dabbing. A dab may sometimes be interpreted as a hit of marijuana wax. To heat cannabis wax concentrates to high temperatures, a dab rig heats the concentrate using a dab nail.

Specialized nails can be constructed of titanium, glass, ceramic, or another particularly durable and conductive material. The nail is heated using a blowtorch, a dab of cannabis wax is applied to it, and it instantly vaporizes. The consumer then inhales as they would with a bong. However, the high is far more powerful than that produced by a bong.


Marijuana wax can be vaped without the need for smoke inhalation thanks to a well-suited vape pen constructed with a ceramic or quartz heating chamber and titanium coils. Invest in a high-quality model; it will help to maintain the potency and quality of your cannabis wax.

Sprinkling It on a Joint

The final widespread technique of consuming wax concentrate is sprinkling a tiny quantity while rolling up a joint or loading a bowl. While crumble wax may be the better choice for such a usage approach, if you only have wax on hand, it will work. Avoid resin and budder at all costs since they are far too sticky and would almost certainly end up all over your hands rather than in the roll.

What Are the Benefits of Marijuana Wax?

The most obvious advantage of using cannabis wax is increased potency. Cannabis wax with high-quality has very little to no butane, and a large amount of THC. Additionally, because dabbing with a rig transforms the substance into vapor, this technique may help reduce smoking-related lung damage. The onset of the high from a dab is almost immediate, making it an excellent option for chronic pain relief and many other things.

You can also try CBD wax if you’re worried about marijuana wax’ hallucinogenic effects or other harmful side effects. This product is made from cannabidiol extract, which is a non-intoxicating cannabis component that has been shown to be useful for treating issues like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and a slew of other ailments.

How Potent Is Marijuana Wax. Is It Safe?

Making your own DIY cannabis wax is a bad idea. We recommend buying it from a reputable marijuana dispensary (or, if you’re searching for high-quality CBD wax, one of the companies we’ve reviewed on the site).

Butane, as you undoubtedly know, is a highly combustible liquid that may erupt if handled carelessly. On November 22, Dustin Zablocki and Justin Pick attempted to make marijuana wax in Minnesota, igniting Zablocki’s home. Two weeks later, Zablocki’s grandmother, Sally Douglas, died from smoke inhalation injuries. The two men were charged with third-degree murder aiding and abetting after the incident. Please don’t make the same deadly mistake I did.

Butane vapors, on the other hand, can fill a space and accumulate near the floor, where most people are unaware of them until it’s too late. A single spark is all it takes to start a fire. A doctor in a California hospital described it as an “epidemic” in 2013.

Simply stated, if you’re making cannabis wax in an unventilated area while attempting to start a fire, you could die from inhaling too much butane.

Finally, if you decide to try cannabis wax, we strongly advise you to be cautious because it may produce quite hallucinogenic and powerful effects due to the high THC levels. Hundreds of people have been admitted to hospitals after overeating marijuana wax, and THC-induced paranoia is a genuine risk, especially if your weed tolerance is low to mid-range.

Another thing to consider is that, if there is a lot of butane residue in the extract, it may harm your lungs when combusted or vaporized. This is another compelling reason for purchasing cannabis wax from a reputable provider.

The primary hazards of cannabis wax are in the process of making it, as well as its extremely strong effects. It is simple enough to address the first issue; just don’t make it at home! Cannabis wax has the potential to produce adverse side effects when used excessively, including hallucinations, unconsciousness, and extreme paranoia.

In general, cannabis wax is a dependable and successful pain management tool. It may also be a fun approach to get very high in regions where recreational marijuana is legal. Cannabis wax, on the other hand, should be treated with caution since its effects are extremely next-level!

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