Different Types of Electric and Gas Powered RC Cars

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Ready to take your interest in RC cars to the next level with https://lukafriend.com/? Then you’ll need to know about two of the main types: electric, and gas powered.

Different Types of Electric and Gas Powered RC Cars

Electric powered models are powered by a motor that’s plugged into a battery, or even a USB port. This type of car is better suited for beginners since they’re slower and easier to control than gas-powered cars, making them perfect for first-timers. Also, electric cars run quieter than their gas-powered counterparts and tend to require less maintenance.

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Gas-poweredRC cars are more powerful, faster and louder than their electric counterparts—so it goes without saying that these models aren’t for beginners! Since they usually carry small two-stroke engines that require fuel and oil, they require more maintenance and regular tuning up. But if you’re looking for a powerful RC car that has excellent performance capabilities, go for one of these babies!

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