How to Use Same Day Delivery

Our mission has been to reimagine same day delivery': Gophr CEO talks rapid  grocery delivery

Do you need an item delivered before the end of the day? You can count on same day delivery! By sending your item to its destination in a shorter window than regular delivery, you’ll get it in no time here.

Here’s how it works:

1. Place Your Order

First, place your order. It’s important to make sure that your delivery address is correct and current, as same-day services usually cannot accommodate changes on short notice. Pay attention when selecting the right delivery option – many eCommerce sites offer same-day shipping but may have cutoff times earlier than 4 PM.

2. Choose the Right Courier

Second, choose a reliable courier. Look for couriers who specialize in same-day shipping and have reasonable rates per mile or pound of shipment weight. Make sure that they are servicing your region and have positive customer service reviews.

Hidden' costs: Diners forking out higher menu prices for food delivered to  door | Otago Daily Times Online News

3. Track Your Delivery

Third, track your delivery status to make sure that it reaches its destination on time. Many companies provide tracking information with up-to-the-minute updates so you can be sure that your shipment is arriving within the estimated window for same-day deliveries.

By using same day delivery services and following these three steps, you can ensure that

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