Durban 95

Exotic Genetix’s Durban 95 is a delicious strain created. It’s a potent hybrid between Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter F2 known for producing a feeling of euphoria, as well as an increase in mood and the relaxation of the body. Try our Insano Cake Strain.

Many breeders in recent years have focused on developing new cannabis strains with the highest THC concentration feasible. Strains with more than 20% THC content, which are on occasion as much as 30%, are becoming increasingly popular these days. The Durban 95 cannabis strain is one such example.

Durban 95, on the other hand, has a THC content of 99.3 percent when tested by MRX Laboratories, making it the most potent and powerful strain ever discovered. Of course, its average THC concentration is not as high, but this strain is still strong and powerful. Durban 95 may give users the feeling that they’re traveling through time while combining physical and mental effects that can make them feel dizzy.

What Is the Durban 95 Cannabis Strain?

Exotic Genetix’s Durban 95 strain is a powerful cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter F2. It’s a reasonably balanced hybrid (50% indica / 50%) that boasts an intense euphoric high and long-lasting effects. The average THC concentration of Durban 95 has been determined to be between 17 and 24 percent, with lab tests showing much higher levels.

The Durban 95 high is a fast-acting psychedelic manufactured from a potent combination of chemicals that gives users an instant feeling of euphoria, which calms the body. You may also anticipate a burst of creative energy and motivation. The initial impacts might include an accelerated thought process with ideas transferring from one to the next in a freely associative zone of awareness.

Changes in sensory perception, such as auditory and visual distortions, such as the loss of any visual depth, are possible. Durban 95 can be a powerful tool for people working on analytical and sophisticated activities due to the high mental activity it provides. For those who aren’t feeling so productive, it may be a great way to brighten up boring tasks like laundry by providing some nice background light.

You’ll be able to tell when the high kicks in, and it will come on strong. The high does not last very long; after about three hours or so, you should feel it starting to take hold. As a result of this, Durban 95 is an excellent choice for deep theoretical discussions or creative endeavors.

While Durban 95 helps its users to keep a clear mind, some of the initial incentive may begin to lose ground. At this point, the strain is ideal for passive hobbies like gaming or munching. It can also help with talkative behavior and easy laughter when used in a social setting. Because of the slide from excitement energy to sluggishness, Durban 95 works best between late afternoon and early evening.


Durban 95 has a pleasant berry scent and a hint of dampness to it. It also gives off distinct lemon scents. Ground-up buds, on the other hand, give off a skunkier smell.


Durban 95 has a delectably sweet and sour berry flavor with a strong skunky overtone that changes to acidic on the exhale. It’s typically described as having a fruity, lemony flavor with herbal undertones.


Durban 95 has medium-sized flowers with a bulky, somewhat spherical form. With small leaves that wrap closely inward toward the central stems, the structure is more indica than sativa.

Golden-green, tightly wound leaves are threaded through with dark green hairs and fuzzy orange pistils. They’re also encircled by a sea of hazy white trichomes.

Durban 95 Cannabis Strain Grow Info

The Durban 95 cannabis seeds aren’t available for purchase online. To grow genetically identical “clones,” growers must collect clippings from mature plants of the Durban 95 variety.

Clones may be grown in a variety of environments, including indoors and out. To succeed, though, they must be cultivated in a semi-moist Mediterranean-like climate. The plants generally blossom in 8 to 9 weeks when cultivated indoors.

Durban 95 plants, on the other hand, thrive in a light-rich and well-drained environment with an excellent climate. It’s also crucial to guarantee there is adequate ventilation for flowers, particularly near the end of their blooming cycle.

THC Content – Highest Test

A single Durban 95 plant might produce anything from 5 to 25 oz of cannabis flowers, each weighing approximately 0.1 ounces and measuring 7 inches in length. The average THC level of a Durban 95 strain is between 17% and 24%, according to our research. According to MRX Laboratories, however, a sample of a Durban 95 crop produced by Portland-based 7 Points was tested and revealed a THC concentration of 37.28%. After the initial results were submitted, the lab ran the sample four times before officially confirming it.

THC levels in Durban 95 are considerably higher than previous years, which is excellent news for aficionados. The average belief previously was that the physical barrier for THC was 35%. It’s assumed that Durban 95’s high resin production allows it to surpass this boundary.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Although Durban 95 cannabis doesn’t contain a lot of CBD, it does have quite a bit of the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It consists largely of THC and tiny amounts of cannabidiol.

Medical Benefits of the Durban 95 Cannabis Strain

Durban 95 has a variety of medical applications and may be beneficial to those who want to relax. This strain’s ability to improve one’s mood might help relieve symptoms of melancholy and stress. Aside from that

Durban 95 can also help with chronic pain, such as that caused by lupus or arthritis, whether it’s acute, such as an accident, or persistent, owing to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory effects may help with common annoyances like headaches.

Furthermore, the early sensations of concentration produced by Durban 95 can assist persons with attention deficit disorders focus on one thing at a time.

Possible Side Effects of the Durban 95 Cannabis Strain

There isn’t much information on the Durban 95 side effects online, although as with most cannabis strains, there are a few potential negative impacts. Cottonmouth and dried or red eyes are two examples of these. When using marijuana, it’s vital to stay hydrated to minimize any discomfort.

Final Thoughts on the Durban 95 Cannabis Strain

The Durban 95 cannabis strain’s perfect balance of mental and physical effects makes it an excellent choice for both sativa and indica users.

It’s a wonderfully potent and quick-acting hybrid with powerful effects.

Durban 95 is a psychedelic, stimulating, and highly euphoric experience that also has LSD-like properties and makes you feel more aware of your surroundings. The effects are likewise extremely physically soothing, providing a sense of lightness.

Durban 95 is an excellent option for those seeking for a more intimate encounter and wanting to delve deeper into a profound high. It’s ideal for recreational activities, creative work, and late-night relaxation.

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