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The Shishkaberry strain is a powerful indica-dominant strain with sedating and soporific effects. Don’t be fooled by this strain’s tempting scent, which has a very sweet and fruity aroma; it is incredibly potent! Buy Shishkaberry strain from Magic Smoke Weed.

Kish is a cross of two indica strains: one from the Northern Lights family and another from the Granddaddy Purple family, both of which are well-known for their powerful effects. It went by its other name, Kish, as it became increasingly popular in the United States. It rose to prominence in 2001 when it came second in the Best Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Medicinal marijuana users have respected Shishkaberry for its legendary indica genetics and purported pain relieving abilities.

What Is the Shishkaberry Strain?

The Shishkaberry strain is an 80:20 indica to sativa hybrid with a high indica component. It’s a cross between the mythical DJ Short Blueberry strain and an unknown Afghani variety.

Cannabis users are getting the best of both worlds with the Shishkaberry strain. While only making up 20% of Shishkaberry’s total genetics, its sativa content is apparent in this strain’s early effects.

Shishkaberry’s initial effects are energetic and euphoric. Users claim that the strain makes them happier and adds a grin to their face. Shishkaberry’s early effects include a clear-headed high that results in increased attention for a short time.

With the Shishkaberry strain, consumers are receiving the best of both worlds when it comes to marijuana.

Over time, Shishkaberry’s indica properties begin to dominate, and soon users experience profound relaxation. Most people mention Shishkaberry’s physical effects as being deeply relaxing, with many describing their body becoming heavier and heavier. Please note that the indica effects of Shishkaberry are extremely powerful and sedating. When you’re totally under their spell with Shishkaberry’s really strong and soothing effects, you’ll feel a deep physical stone as well as a couch-lock in your muscles.

Shishkaberry is a hybrid from Sensi Seeds, which means that it has a high THC content (20.8 percent). As the night draws to a close, staying awake will be near-impossible. Your eyes will naturally start to close, and before you know it, you’ll be fast asleep. Shishkaberry’s effects make it an excellent after-dinner strain as well as a wonderful way to unwind and relax. Because its final side effects are generally sedating and sleepy, this strain is better suited to use at night than during the day.


The Shishkaberry strain is distinguished by its pleasant sweet and fruity scent. Its aroma has been passed down from DJ Short Blueberry, its parent strain. These delicious and fragrant Blueberry undertones are balanced by a more earthy, milder aroma that enhances rather than detracts from the fragrance overall.


Shishkaberry’s wonderful fragrance is a good predictor of its flavor. On the inhale, you can taste its delectably sweet and fruity blueberry tastes, which linger in your mouth for a long time. Shishkaberry’s earthier tones are more apparent on the exhale, but they pale in comparison with its fruitier flavor.


When cultivated outside, a Shishkaberry plant might reach up to six or seven feet tall. The white, sticky trichomes on this plant are thickly frosted when it is completely developed.

The A. leucantha Shishkaberry plant has large, spade-shaped buds and light green blooms. It also boasts lovely, vivid purplish hues that stand out dramatically against its overall frosted appearance.

Shishkaberry Strain Grow Info

The Shishkaberry strain’s reputation as a difficult grower is deserved, according to cultivators. It’s a simple plant to cultivate, making it appealing even for novices. Shishkaberry plants may be cultivated either inside or outside. However, experienced gardeners recommend that you cultivate it hydroponically indoors using the Sea of Green method.

Shishkaberry plants are not difficult to grow and may be cultivated in a variety of settings. Because of its short flowering time of 45-60 days, growing Shishkaberry indoors is quite different than outdoors. Indoor yields range from 12 to 16 ounces per square meter for Shishkaberry. Expect a yield of 20 ounces (or more) per plant if you’re growing your Shishkaberry plant outside, and it will be ready for harvest around late September or early October.

Shishkaberry buds should be cured for even better effects, according to veteran growers. Hang the buds upside down or put them on a drying rack for about seven to ten days to begin the curing process. When the buds are completely dry, place them in wide-mouth Mason jars. Tightly seal the jar lids and store them in a cool, dry location, such as a closet.

For the first week, open the jars’ lids at least three times each day for around five to ten minutes, allowing any moisture in the jar to escape and preventing mold from developing. You’ll only need to open the lids a few extra times during the second week of curing. The buds should be fully cured after two or three weeks. If you want better results, you may continue to cure them for longer.

THC Content – Highest Test

It is possible to grow cannabis in your backyard, and the Shishkaberry strain is no exception. With a high THC concentration at 26%, this variety has been dubbed “the strongest of all.” However, please keep in mind that the THC level in Shishkaberry plants varies between 15 and 26 percent.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The most Cannabinoid content found in a Shishkaberry sample was 1.75 percent, which is rather modest. Some Shishkaberry samples, on the other hand, contain less than 0.3% CBD. The average CBD content of a typical Shishkaberry strain is approximately 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Shishkaberry Strain

The Shishkaberry strain may benefit medical cannabis users in a few ways. To begin, its uplifting and mood-boosting properties might provide momentary comfort to those suffering from depression.

Shishkaberry also has anxiolytic effects as it is a type of indica. It’s also been effective in helping people relax, which is beneficial for those who suffer from chronic stress. However, the most prevalent reason that pharmaceutical consumers utilize this strain is to treat pain. Shishkaberry, according to users, can aid in the treatment of arthritic and muscular discomfort, back pain, and migraines.

The Shishkaberry strain’s powerful sedative effect is well-known. As a result, this strain is popular among people who suffer from insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of the Shishkaberry Strain

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the most typical adverse effects of the Shishkaberry strain. Couchlock, on the other hand, is a frequent symptom.

Depending on the scenario, couchlock may not be an issue for some buyers, but it can be frightening for those who are inexperienced.

This is not an issue for most consumers, but it can be frightening to those who are inexperienced. Shishkaberry’s drowsy effects, as well as the overall strength of the strain, make it unsuitable for novices. Even seasoned cannabis users will have to exercise caution when using this strain because of its uncommon negative side effects such as dizziness, paranoia, and headaches. Dizziness, increased anxiety

Final Thoughts on the Shishkaberry Strain

The Shishkaberry strain is well-suited for both medical and recreational cannabis users. Users praise the strain’s powerful and soothing effects for treating issues like chronic pain and sleeplessness.

Shishkaberry’s initial effects are clearly sativa in nature, providing a uplifting and mood-enhancing high to users. Shishkaberry’s indica effects emerge as the time passes. Users typically become heavily drowsy; therefore, couchlock is quite common.

Because of its strength and impact, the Shishkaberry strain is only suitable for evenings usage by experienced marijuana users.

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