Magic Smoke Weed: Viking Marijuana Strain

The Viking strain from Magic Smoke Weed is delightful, with notes of spicy and sweet. This strain is almost entirely indica, making it ideal for relaxing down and falling asleep fast. Everyone knows about OG Kush and Sour Diesel, among other common marijuana strains. However, you’ll come into contact with a rare and exciting variety every once in a while, such as the Viking strain.

The strain is named after the Vikings, who were known as great explorers and fierce warriors. It’s not a common variety, but it’s a Dutch delight that you should try if given the chance. The Viking strain provides a relaxing body high if you enjoy the chilled-out effects of indica strains.

Keep in mind that this strain has a strong punch and you’ll appreciate the deep high and unique flavor combination. You may not expect waves of sweet and spicy notes with a name like Viking, but trust us – it’s a taste you won’t soon forget!

In this comprehensive strain review, we go through everything you need to know about the Viking cannabis strain in depth. Continue reading to learn more about its scent, flavor, THC and CBD levels, as well as recommendations for growing it at home yourself.

What Is Viking Strain?

The Vikings from Magic Smoke Weed introduced the first seedless strawberry, a forbidden fruit known as “Raja-Lush.” The strain has an indica-dominant profile and is named after a Norse god. In reality, it leans heavily toward the indica side with 90 percent indica genetics. You’d be correct in thinking that Viking has strong indica effects that will have you sitting on the couch for hours.

The origins of this strain are much disputed. It’s possible that it was created via a cross between Afghani IBL and an unknown strain. The Derg Corra Collective breeders developed Viking, but they won’t disclose the parentage of the plant.

Despite the fact that it isn’t the most popular variety, Viking marijuana is easy to come by. And when you see it, you won’t want to pass up the chance! Viking has a wonderful flavor profile with notes of sweet berries generally dominating. There are additional complex nuances as well.

Viking is a lovely indica with a pleasant high. It begins swiftly and has a relatively large THC concentration that sets in fast. The effects will hit you quickly, and the strong physical euphoria will have you sinking into the nearest couch. Prepare for impact, because you won’t be moving from that position for some time!

We also recommend bringing some snacks since Viking has a lot of energy. You won’t be able to get up and go to the kitchen, so be prepared with this strain. Viking is extremely uplifting, both physically and emotionally. You may count on a smile on your face as you drift off to sleep while taking Viking.


The scent of berries is the first thing that comes to mind when you encounter the Viking marijuana strain. The delightful sweet fragrance will have your mouth watering as you imagine biting into juicy forest fruits. However, if you lean in a little closer, you’ll notice some additional notes.

Like many other cannabis strains, Viking has characteristics of the soil. It wouldn’t be real weed without it, would it?

When the buds are ground and begin to burn in the joint, you’ll notice notes of hash and other herbal scents. When these mingle with the sweet berry scent, it gives a surprisingly pleasant experience that you’ll be curious to try.


The flavor of Viking is similar to its aroma. The powerful taste on the inhale is berry and fruit-forward. It’s so sugary that some users claim it has a candy-like flavor! Sweet tastes are enjoyable, but there’s something deeper going on as well.

The pungent, earthy tones of the scent are reflected in a little spice on the tongue. The spice mingles with the berries while you breathe through the smoke to produce something that resembles mulled wine. It’s a delicious and warming taste that’ll leave you wanting more.


The Viking strain develops like other indicas, with a compact and bushlike appearance. The buds are extremely thick as well. They resemble grapes somewhat, but they’re a dark, forest green color.

The flowers of this plant, which is native to the eastern United States, are multicolored. The pistils are a yellowish brown color, and they run through the blooms. In addition, there is a layer of glistening white trichomes overlying the flowers. Viking isn’t one of the most appealing plants around, but it’s not one of the ugliest either.

Viking Strain Grow Info

Because Viking is so uncommon, you might want to cultivate it yourself. Viking seeds are readily available online, so growing it is not difficult. Because it isn’t overly difficult, Vikings is well suited to both beginner and intermediate gardeners.

You may cultivate Viking indoors and outside, although it thrives on natural growth techniques. Nonetheless, it is sensitive to organic fertilizers and harbors a prejudice against chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, you must be attentive to minerals since Viking can easily get nutrient burn. You just need to feed it with a limited number of nutrients, and you should be fine.

In about eight or nine weeks, if cultivated outside, the Viking plants will bloom. Despite its simplicity, Viking isn’t particularly productive. The potency and taste of Vikings more than make up for its lack of yield. Because of the THC concentration, the high is powerful and unmistakable. You won’t need an enormous yield to get by because of the potent high produced by Vikings’ THC content.

THC Content – Highest Test

The average THC content of Viking cannabis is between 14 and 20 percent, according to experts. It isn’t the most powerful strain on the market by modern standards, but it’s still worth noting. If your Viking marijuana sample contains a THC concentration of 20%, it could cause serious problems for some people.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Viking’s CBD content is unknown. There is currently no data on the CBD levels in this strain. Viking is unlikely to have much CBD because of the vast majority of strains on the market and the fairly high THC concentration. In all probability, the CBD content will be less than 1% – if any at all.-

Medical Benefits of Viking Strain

The cannabis strain known as Viking has gained a lot of traction among medical marijuana users. Its major features include relaxation and sleep assistance as an indica.

When you first consume Viking, your body will be overcome with the urge to sit down. The indica body high will overpower you, leaving you enthralled on the couch or in bed. You’ll feel happy and satisfied with life at this time. As a result, it may be useful for alleviating depression and anxiety.

Since the high is so body-focused, it may also help people with chronic pain and muscular spasms. Many medical users claim that Viking can assist with multiple sclerosis. It has been suggested that Viking might help decrease spasticity.

As the high wears on, you will discover that you are becoming increasingly drowsy. It becomes difficult to resist, and you will soon succumb to sleep. Viking is popular among insomniacs because of this. It’s worth noting that, as a sleep-inducing herb, Viking can also assist you get off to sleep if you are kept awake every night due to concerns and stress.

Here’s a quick run-down of the common conditions Viking users suffer from:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Possible Side Effects of Viking Strain

Almost every strain has some negative effects. Dry mouth and eyes are typical symptoms of Viking. These symptoms can be induced by almost any strain, especially if smoking is your preferred method of ingestion. Keeping a glass of water handy and possibly some eye drops on hand is an easy way to prevent this.

In addition, many people who use Viking experience the munchies. If you’re on a diet, you’ll want to be aware of the urge to burn through your cupboards. It’s also a good idea to put some snacks (perhaps even healthy ones) in storage before you begin eating.

Final Thoughts on the Viking Marijuana Strain

If you come across the Viking marijuana strain, you should give it a shot. It’s a delectable strain with an excellent flavor profile that blends berries with spicy notes of deliciousness. Not only that, but it also has powerful effects.

For individuals looking to unwind and de-stress, Viking is the strain for them. Sit back with some snacks, and take a Viking next time you need to relax and get some rest. You’ll not only feel more relaxed and stress-free, but you’ll also experience the uplifting effects of this plant. Nothing beats falling asleep feeling cheerful.

If you can’t find Viking bud in your local dispensary, why not attempt to cultivate it yourself? This strain is simple to grow and may even be purchased inseed. While the yield isn’t enormous, growing this plant yourself is still rewarding.

Have you ever heard of the Viking strain? What is your opinion on it? In the comments, please tell us if you’ve ever tried the Viking strain and what you thought about it.

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