Magic Smoke Weed: Strawberry Fields Strain

Strawberry Fields from Magic Smoke Weed has a name that promises a very sweet and delicious berry flavor experience. And the expectation couldn’t be any more accurate. Strawberry Fields tastes exactly like a basket of fresh, juicy strawberries. This strain is also beneficial for alleviating depression and mood problems.

To be honest, we have no clue whether this marijuana strain is called after The Beatles’ famous song “Strawberry Fields Forever.” It appears unlikely because the name of a Salvation Army children’s home in Liverpool near John Lennon’s house was the inspiration for the song.

The strain is also sometimes confused with Strawberry Fields, a marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs that sells strains with the nickname “Strawberry Fields.” The flower’s fruity scent and taste are most likely responsible for the name.

What is the Strawberry Fields Strain?

Strawberry Fields is an indica-dominant hybrid strain made up of a cross between Tangie and Strawberry Banana. It’s been claimed that this cannabis plant took its name from the extremely potent Strawberry Cough strain. Whether or not it was bred in the Netherlands, this marijuana was most likely created by North American company Crockett Family Farms, according to reports.


When you light up this cannabis strain, you’ll be greeted with the fragrance of strawberries freshly plucked from a meadow. It has a pungent odor with subtle berry undertones. If you break apart the nugs, you should notice citrus; a scent that only gets stronger when smoked.


The strong, sweet flavor of fully ripe berries and strawberries is as planned. You’ll detect a prominent berry aroma with a subtle herbal aftertaste once again. The taste of moist earth may linger on the tongue after exhaling.


It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with an extremely high concentration of THC. Its buds are cone-shaped and have a light minty green hue, and its nuggets also have a light minty green tint to them. Its leaves are darker green in color, and upon maturity, the strain will display bright orange hairs as well as glistening white trichomes.

Strawberry Fields Strain Grow Info

Strawberry Fields is a strain with indica-dominant genetics, making it easy to cultivate. Due to its indica dominance, the plant is ideal for a stealth grow because it is short and stocky, with thick stems and branches that can endure a variety of weather conditions. Despite the size of the buds, the sturdiness of the plant ensures that it rarely breaks off.

Strawberry Fields may be harvested as early as the end of September if you want to cultivate it outside. The yield is approximately 12 ounces per plant. If you wish to grow Strawberry Fields indoors, the strain blooms in 7-9 weeks and yields 10-12 ounces per square meter planted. Strawberry Fields is also available feminized, which implies a shorter growing period and no worries about male plants pollinating your garden.

Strawberry Fields is a perennial that thrives well in pots, despite its native habitat being outside. Despite the fact that it grows outdoors, an increasing number of farmers are cultivating Strawberry Fields indoors because it is a more predictable environment. Indoor growing also enables you to change significant growth elements such as humidity, temperature, and lighting, making it easier to combat diseases and pests. While soil may be used for traditional cultivation, hydroponic cultivation produces buds that are thought to be more powerful.

THC Content – Highest Test

This cannabis strain has a THC concentration of 18% to 24%. Strawberry Fields shatter was also discovered on the market with a THC content of more than 65%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Strawberry Fields marijuana strains that have little to no CBD are available, with some having up to 1% CBD.

What Can I Expect When I Use Strawberry Fields Weed?

Strawberry Fields is notorious for being a slow starter, so we advise caution if you’re using it for the first time. If you don’t feel anything within 15-20 minutes and use more, you will be sorely disappointed! The initial effects are usually characterized by euphoria and a boost in spirits. Soon enough, you will feel as though you are flying as you experience limitless delight.

The high begins with the head and fades down to the body. Once it takes effect, the head high persists for some time. You may feel a relaxing of your muscles at this point, followed by a heavy feeling in your limbs. You will be couch-locked and have no desire to move from your current position once the high has worn off. Have snacks on hand so you don’t get hungry while waiting for the high to wear off.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Fields Marijuana

We live in a period of high stress, which is almost routine! If you’re among the millions of persons who are ready to blow due to tension, take some Strawberry Fields marijuana to relax you. It’s also used to treat anxiety, sadness, and posttraumatic stress disorder. The body buzz may help alleviate pain and discomfort while you sleep. Strawberry Fields is extremely popular among insomniacs as well.

There are a number of rumors surrounding the impact of this strain. While Strawberry Cough causes you to cough uncontrollably at times, Strawberry Fields may help people with their breathing. This plant is also believed to aid in respiratory health.

Possible Side Effects of Strawberry Fields Weed

When using Strawberry Fields, there’s a good chance you’ll get red eyes and cottonmouth as a result of this strain’s strength. The high amount of cannabinoids in powerful strains is one of the main reasons for these side effects. Cannabinoids can affect tear ducts and salivary glands’ moisture production. In the event of dry mouth, we recommend keeping a big glass of water on hand.

If you’re a first-time user, you risk ‘greening out’ if you use too much of this strain. You may feel dizzy, anxious, and have a headache if this happens. A new user occasionally throws up because they are unable to cope with the strong effects of cannabis.

Final Thoughts on Strawberry Fields Cannabis

This strain’s distinct strawberry aroma and flavor ensure it is intriguing and near-impossible to resist. We recommend that you take precautions since the high THC concentration might cause a first-time user to overindulge. 24% THC is no joke, and this level of potency has the ability to overpower seasoned cannabis consumers.

Strawberry Fields is also a lovely marijuana strain to gaze at, and it is simple to cultivate indoors. Despite the fact that the yield is low, you will enjoy every stage of the growing process from start to conclusion.

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